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Pallet moving robot

The P12 has a high degree of agility and the capability to transport pallets weighing up to 1.2t

About Us

Our company provides a full range of services in the field of industrial automation, from the design and manufacturing of intralogistics and automated systems to the installation and integration of these systems to the factory environment. 

We integrate the products of Festo, Siemens, Bosch-Rexroth, MiR, SMC, Omron, Agilox, Universal Robots, Toshiba, Fanuc, that cover a broad spectrum of the industrial requirements, let it be intralogistics or manufacturing robotic requirement, precision positioning of small components or the handling of larger items within the factory


The products we sell can be used to create collaborative workspaces, where the operator works alongside with the robot to enable a more efficient production.

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Mobile Robots

Our main activity is the design and installation of intralogistics and Industry 4.0 systems of which the Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are a crucial component. We have significant experience in the installation of such projects for OEM and Tier 1 companies such as Siemens, Suez Water, Denso.

As a brand independent mobile robot distributor and integrator we recommend the best robot for the client's requirements.

Ipar4.0 Intralogisztika konzultáció robotcenter
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MiR Logo Robotcenter Mobil robot

The Rufus P12 is a highly agile Autonomous Mobile Robot with Hybrid AMR control that is a key piece of intralogistic tasks that involve moving pallets. Cooperating in a robotic fleet they can effectively process orders and transporting up to 1200 kg. 

MIR's robots are one of the most widely used mobile robots in the world, they can carry from 100kg to 1t. The robots can carry all sorts of extensions called "Top modules" that help to integrate the robots to the client's needs by customizing them. 

We have experience in designing and building custom made Top modules, you can view our products below.


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GEEK's robots are designed for warehouse automation, that solves the challenges of webshop based companies.

The GEEK robot can go under a shelf, it can lift it up and transport it to another location in the warehouse, and it can set it down. This is especially important during the "commissioning" procedure when an operator doesn't go looking for to the product in the warehouse, but the product,, and the storage shelf "goes" to the operator thus speeding up the commissioning. This drastically increases efficiency.

Y-Mobile Robots
Y-Mobile Robots

Industrial Automation

Our company's main activity is the development and design of automated assembly systems with a special focus on integrating industrial robotics to achieve  Industry 4.0 solutions.

During the development of the projects, we establish the technical concepts of the system, we model and simulate several alternative solutions in order to achieve the optimal solution

We machine most of the parts in our well-equipped machine-shop., and we 

Programming and integration of our machines to our client's facilities are carried out by our professional staff.

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FANUC Robotcenter Ipari robot
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Automatizált rendszereknél gyakran szükség van az adott termék jelölésére. Cégünk többek között kivetelezett Inline lézeres jelölő gépet, amelyek egy 12 fészkes körasztalos automata egyik pozíciójában foglalt helyet, továbbá van tapasztalatunk offline-standalone manuális munka állomások kivitelezésében is. A lézeres jelölés több különböző kihívást állít az integrátor elé:



A jelöléstechnikai projektek első feladata, az adott anyagra kiválasztani a megfelő lézer jelölőt. Legyen szó műanyag, fém, fóliák jelöléséről, az általunk beépített lézeres jelölők a tárgyak széles spektrumát tudják jelöni. A lézeres jelölőket 2,5-50W teljesítmény között lehet feladatspecifikusan választani.


Optimális esetben, a jelölendő felület síkja és merőleges a lézer jelölő tengelyére. Ez a gyakorlatban azonban sokszor nem kivitelezhető a termék kialakításából adódóan. Sok esetben hengeres felületen, vagy döntött síkon kell jelölést alkalmazni. Olyan eset is előfordul, amikor szállítószallagon, vagy szállítópályán érkezik az alkatrész, és nincs lehetőség a precíz fokusztávolságra pozícionálni. Ezt az offszet típusú hibát képes kiküszöbölni az általunk integrált 3 tengelyes lézeres jelölők, amelyek kontrasztvesztés nélkül képesek görbe vagy döntött felületekre jelölni.

Lehetőség van mozgó termékek jelölésére is, maximális sebesség: 50 m/perc (0,8 m/sec). Ezeket a projekteket triggerrel, vagy enkóderrel lehet megvalósítani. A lézer jelölők beépített kamerával és világítással is fel vannak szerelve, amely azért hasznos, mert vissza lehet olvasni a jelölt kódot. A felhasználóbarát szoftvert könnyű használni. A lézerjelölőket ipari felhasználásra tervezték, a lézerfej IP64-es minősítéssel rendelkezik.

Főbb iparágak:

Autóipar, elektronikai ipar, élelmiszeripar, gyógyszeripar

Industry4.0  Robotic Products

The previously mentioned autonomous mobile robots, although offer a huge opportunity in solving the ever-growing complexity of challenges, it is important to keep in mind that every single application is unique and needs custom solutions. We started to develop custom accessories products and solutions to these autonomous robots right from their introduction

These products can be subdivided into three groups:

  • The development of Top Modules enables robots to interface to the existing manufacturing environment such as conveyors, transport systems, dedicated machines, etc.

  • The development of solutions that extend the capabilities of those robots, such as the unique Rapid Battery Changer, that was first developed by us, or the Anti-Slip Solution, that increases friction on slippery floors that are quite common in Chemical Plants.

  • The third group contains the Industry4.0 Products that we constantly develop based on our client's needs, such as the EasyConnect Robot Management Software, and an extension to EasyConnect called Danger Protocol 1.0 that is responsible for coordinating the robot movements in case of a fire alarm. We also create the Smart Mission Console (SMC) that enables our customers to control the robots in an industrial environment

Top Modules

Omron conveyor3.png

Conveyor Top Module

Mobile robots often have to pick up their payload from an existing transport system, such as a conveyor and transport it to another assembly line, storage or shipping unit

Clamp Top Module

The majority of intralogistics tasks require tailor-made solutions. We developed the cart carrying Clamp Top Module that can attach or detach custom carts to a MiR robot.

Custom Made Top Modules

The SLAM mobile robots such as MiR are a very productive platform for solving intralogistics challenges, however, it is very important to customize the robots for the client's needs.

Our solution provides a seamless integration of mobile robots to arbitrary height transport systems via this Top Module fixed to the robot. As the rollers are driven, the movement of the payload is ensured.

The Clamp Top Modle works as follows:

The MiR robot goes under the cart it needs to carry, in the specific position the Module's clamps engage and fix it to the cart. Then the robot can take the cart wherever the user needs it.

We have a huge experience in satisfying the client's requirements, and we can design and manufacture custom Top Module solutions.


Industry 4.0 Products

Robotcenter EasyConnect intralogistic robot control
Robotcenter EasyConnect Danger Protocol emergeny robot control

EasyConnect Scheduler 1.0

In order manage and to integrate mobile robots into manufacturing process controls we developed our own solution called the EasyConnect software package that is used by the largest automotive and Tier1 Suppliers. Main functions include:

Robot Task Manager Software

EasyConnect Danger Protocol 1.0

There are strict requirements in the industry about the handling of fire alarms and emergency situations In case of a PLC controller this is a trivial task, but the robots don't have protocols that would control them in such cases. Our solution to this problem is the development of an extension module into our EasyConnect software and is being used 24/7 by major OEM manufacturers.

Emergency Robot Manager Software

Robotcenter Smart mission console robot sumoning

Smart Mission Console

The Smart Mission Console is our own Industry4.0 product that provides an interface between the existing manufacturing process control and mobile robots. It has a reliable Ethernet network connection, pushbuttons and can be extended by industrial sensors that can summon the robot. Main functions are:

Robot Summoning and Control Unit

  • Creation of a task list for the robot

  • Organization of weekly tasks

  • Hourly and minute resolution for tasks

  • Broad flexibility. If the manufacturing requirement is increased, lower priority tasks can be postponed.

  • Password protected Browser UI

  • Provides a safe stop for the robots in case a fire or emergency alarm.

  • It removes the robots from the predefined "Danger Zones" therefore helping the evacuation

  • The Danger Protocol can be used with multiple robot types.

  • Reliable Ethernet network connection

  • Extendable with capacitive, inductive, ultrasonic or limit switches 

  • The user can customize each sensor enabling the re-use of existing sensors

    • Adjustable for PNP and NPN sensors

    • Adjustable sensor polarity



Danger Protocol



Robot Accessories

Rapid Battery Changer

The robots are powered by a built-in battery, that needs to be re-charged in function of its usage, however due to the very dynamic robot mission requirements sometimes there is no time for waiting to recharge. To solve this challenge we have developed the Rapid Battery Charger module that allows the changing of the battery to a charged one within a minute, as shown in this video.


Anti-Slip Solution

In industrial and more specifically in the chemical industrial applications often the environment is not optimal for the robot to operate reliably. In order to overcome the challenges posed by a contaminated floor, we have developed an anti-slip solution that includes an anti-slip wheel and an integrated solution that has successfully proven in a harsh chemical environment.

CNC Robotics

ProFeeder CNC robotic assistance

The ProFeeder family of products solves an important part of CNC machining namely to load the CNC with the raw material and unload and pallettize the completed part. As a Hungarian distributir and integrator of ProFeeder we can help you increase your CNC efficiency.

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Industrial Robots

Apart from providing services regarding autonomous mobile robots, we also have experience in designing and building robotic cells. We have integrated humanoid and SCARA robots as well, from the precise positioning of small parts to the handling of large 20kg items such as air-brakes.


We have experience in the following robotic technologies:

  • Machine feeding

  • Packaging and palletizing

  • Assembly

  • Quality Control

  • Screw driving, riveting, polishing, gluing, welding


Humanoid and Indexing table robotic cells

Vibratory Feeder Rezgőadagoló Robotcenter
fanuc-logo-png- W.png
denso logo-W.png
UR Robot Robotcenter

UR Humanoid robot and vibratory feeder 

We integrate:

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Robotcenter CNC megmunkálás


CNC Manufacturing


  • Two WAGNER WMC 1100 CNC machines

  • 24 tool magazine

  • Injection moulding tool

  • Turning-Lathe services

  • 1t max part mass

  • 1100 x 650 x 650 mm milling volume

  • 0,01mm accuracy

  • 3D milling

Jig-Fixture Manufacturing


  • Manufacturing and assembly of jigs and fixtures for the automation industry

  • Manufacturing of Machine elements

  • Stainless Steel and POM parts for corrosion resistance a

  • Technicians with 30+ years of experience

Waterjet cutting


  • OMAX MAXIEM1530 waterjet cutting machine

  • 3000 x 1500 mm cutting area

  • Steel, Aluminium max thickness: 250mm

3D Printing


  • Stratasys F170 industrial 3D printer

  • 254 x 254 x 254mm printing volume

  • ABS, PLA, ASA, PC-ABS materials

  • Accuracy: 0,2mm
+36 (06) 30 211 6262

EXPRESS services based on requirements



We supply industrial automation and robotic solutions to OEM and Tier 1 multinational companies

The projects we work on cover a wide spectrum of applications such as mobile robots working in a cooperative manner, mobile robot fleets, (DENSO, SIEMENS) or mobile robots operated in a heavily contaminated environment (SUEZ WATER)

In order to provide the optimal solution to our customers, we can equip the mobile robots with our custom-designed top modules, such as the Clamp or Conveyor Top Module

We are proud that we are not only the largest mobile robot integrator in Hungary but that we were no. 1 in net MiR mobile robot sales in Central-Eastern Europe in 2018.

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Tel: +36 30 211 6262
Hosszúrét street.1.
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